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Fortifying Community & Economic

Development Through Film.

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Film Arts Culture Technology Symposium

The North by Northeast (NXNE    )

3 Cities  4 Days  5 Events

September 5th - 8th, 2024

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FACTS is a Non- Profit 501 (c) (3) dedicated to creating a sustainable space for arts programming that can serve chronically under-resourced communities.


Through the utilization of FACTS, residents will have access to art culture (film and video production, visual arts, etc.) in a way that strengthens visibility and exposure for local artists and aspiring creatives. This will, in turn, provide opportunities for stakeholder community capacity building, and cultivate economic development through skill-based training opportunities.

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Film is one of the largest ALL-INCLUSIVE industries on the market. FACTS finds it paramount to utilize film as a foundation for building not only its educational platforms but as a basis for economic and workforce development.


The Arts are the backbone of everything that makes the world go round.  FACTS subscribes to the belief that the Arts should be a central part of every program in its arsenal.


FACTS is committed to cultivating a culture in film and community that is Diverse, Inclusive, and Accessible to ALL backgrounds.


Film-Induced Tourism is defined as tourism that occurs to a particular destination as a result of a film, television show, etc. Simply put, successful film regions breed tourism.  Tourism across the world has benefited from a 40% increase to destinations as a result of film. FACTS is dedicated to the intentional effort of building a region where film happens and people visit.


The team here at FACTS is not only devoted to the mission, but are experts in their field who are committed to assisting municipalities, schools, and related programs in building capacity, efficiency, and effectiveness.



After over 25 years of experience in both film and community service, in August of 2021, Founder Johntrae Williams established FACTS with a vision to use film, arts, culture, and tourism to enhance community exposure, in turn, providing access, and experiences for Artists and Creatives to build community. 


Serving as a central ‘hub’ for art service organizations, the office intersects arts programming with advocacy and community engagement.  FACTS aims to provide artists and culture workers access to opportunities for networking with other arts communities. 


FACTS works to cultivate economic development through strategic partnerships aimed at skill-building, training, and workforce development, and increase prospects for domestic, inbound, and outbound tourism.

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How We Accomplish Our Goals

Step 1: Building Relationships

We believe it is extremely vital to build relationships with the communities we serve. We also believe that building relationships with community leaders and politicians is equally as important in furthering our mission.

Step 2: Providing Quality Programs

We believe it is essential to provide the highest quality programs from highly trained, qualified, and passionate mentors. Our staff has decades of experience working in their respective fields, along with years of experience teaching groups from young kids to adults.

Step 3: Exposure to Opportunity

We believe providing a platform is key to building skills and confidence within the people we serve. Our goal is to foster a network of support from families, friends, and communities both near and far.

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FACTS is proud to announce the formation of the Central Pennsylvania Film Commission, a program of FACTS designed to meet our mission to create a sustainable space for arts programming that can serve chronically under-resourced communities.

CPFC is an AFCI-accredited and globally recognized organization designed to attract film and video production to the Central Pennsylvania Region.



2814 Green St.

Harrisburg, PA 17110

Tel: 818.527.6826


Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm

​​Saturday: 8am -5pm

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