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Red Chairs


Sparkling Lights

September 6th, 2024

Midtown Cinema

250 Reily St

Harrisburg, PA 17102

Lights, camera, action! Join us for a Film Festival like no other. Immerse yourself in a day filled with cinematic wonders, compelling stories, and the magic of the big screen.

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Michael K. Williams
Mural Reveal

5:00 pm

Join us at Midtown Cinema as we honor the legend responsible for FACTS' existence, Michael K. Williams.

In 2004, Michael K. Williams planted the seed in FACTS' founder, Johntrae Williams, of envisioning Central PA as a hub for film production.

On September 6th, the 3rd anniversary of his passing, we will honor his legacy through a mural reveal painted by none other than Dionn Renee.

Popcorn Fall

Film Showings

This year’s film festival will honor filmmakers in our region, hailing from Central Pennsylvania, who have achieved significant milestones with their film projects.

Block 1
Short Films

Blue Skies


A Short Documentary


Directed by
Andrew Bilindabagabo

6:30 PM

(10 Min Run Time)
15 Min Talkback to follow

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A Rwandan refugee dreams of being an American Citizen as we gain perspective of the true cost of finally making it to Lancaster, PA... "The refugee capital of America."

Film Reels


Get Ready to Cry

Directed by

Josh Santiago

Errick Davis & Tierra Goode

6:55 PM

(20 Min Run Time)
15 Min Talkback to follow


"Ben" is a successful bachelor who doesn't see himself getting into a relationship any time soon because of past encounters. Then he meets a girl named Unity, who changes his whole perspective on love and life in general. Ben learns to appreciate Unity for giving him a different lens on life from this "life-changing" experience.

Film Reels


The film that started it all...

Directed by
Jeff Wise

Michael K. Williams & Johntrae Williams

7:30 PM

(30 Min Run Time)
15 Min Talkback to follow



When artist extraordinaire Coatis Ward (Johntrae Williams) prepares to put the finishing touches on his masterpiece, his dinner date, Sadie (Jovoni Lewis), decides to pay him an early visit. As Coatis goes to slip into the “appropriate attire,” Sadie hesitantly tends to a knock at the door from Coatis’ unfamiliar neighbor, Ken (Michael K. Williams). This unexpected visit may prove to be the turning point in events and fatal to Sadie’s engagement in this duplicitous environment.

Block 2
Feature Film


Turbo Cola

This Night Will Change Your Life

Directed by
Luke Colvert

Nicholas Stoesser

8:45 PM

(95 Min Run Time)
15 Min Talkback to follow



With all of his friends headed to a party on the last night of 1999, Austin takes an extra shift at the Quality Mart gas station and is forced to look down the barrel of what it means to graduate high school and face a future stuck in his middle of nowhere hometown. He's got one night to make his dreams come true, legal or not, and he's taking it.

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